Comfort From a Neurotic person

March 22, 2008

I was neurotic for  years.  I was anxious and depressed and selfish.  And everyone kept telling me how neurotic I was.


And I resented them, and I agreed with them, and I wanted to change, but I just couldn’t  bring myself to change, no matter how hard I tried.


What hurt the most was that my best friend also kept telling me how neurotic I was.  He too kept insisting that I change.


And I agreed with him too, although I couldn’t bring myself to resent him.  And I felt so powerless and so trapped.


Then one day, he said to me, ” Don’t change.  Stay as you are.  It really doesn’t matter whether you change or not.  I love you just as you are, I cannot help loving you.”


Those words sounded like music to my ears.  ‘Don’t change. Don’t change.  Don’t  change… I love you.”


And I relaxed.  And I came alive.  And, oh wonderous marvel, I changed.


Now I know that I couldn’t really change until I found someone who would love me whether I changed or not.

From Counseling Pathologies Class 2001 – author unknown


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