Goodbye Uncle Dentor. . .the only uncle I have known

March 26, 2008

In Memoriam

Redentor Lavarez Dela Pena

February 8, 1954 – February 27, 2008

I wish I had gotten to know you a little better. You were only 14 years older than I am yet our lives are worlds apart.

I can count the few times we were able to be together.

I was 12 and sick in the hospital when you visited me with your girlfriend.

1987, at the funeral of grandpa.

1990, I spent three weeks with you and grandma before heading to the US to study.

1997, stayed for a week before heading back to the US.

2001 – to attend Grandma’s funeral

2008 – to attend yours.

Dec 2007 when you sent me sms asking me for a tagalog Bible. That was a real surprise. I can still remember that afternoon. Then you also told me about the arrival of your 3rd child.

February 10, I was able to send you that Bible you were asking for.

During the wake, I was informed that when the Bible was given to you, you were really happy to discover that it was a Tagalog Bible.

Someone asked Auntie who I was during the wake. She said “he was the one who gave us the Bible…”

It was a beautiful funeral service. Your fraternity brothers carried your casket and helped lowered it to its final resting place at 2:25 PM. It did not rain and there was a gentle cloud cover that made it very comfortable and poignant at the same time.

Goodbye Uncle. The Lord will take care of Auntie, Precious, Paulino and Sergio.cousin-paulino.jpg

The Lord has a soft and tender heart for the fatherless, the widows and the orphans.

The Lord bless and keep you – till we meet again. This time, in God’s precious presence in heaven.


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