I am deeply humbled. . .

April 16, 2008

My wife baked her first chocolate cake. She sent me mms of the cake while i was away. It simply said “thank you” – and I knew what it was for. This couple who was very kind to us and sent two guys to have a part of our front yard cemented. It was a surplus from a house project they were worked on. It was very humbling to be receiving such generosity from people who were just there to give without any strings attached.

While we were enjoying the cake and the brewed coffee over at this couple-friends house, I got an invitation through sms from a pastor inviting me to speak at their Sunday service. He stated the dates (3 months from now..) and the time of the 2 worship services where I was invited to speak on a topic which really humbled me. ‘Would I consider giving a message on ______ ________?” and before I could send my reply, it was followed by “would you consider it in prayer?”

I am humbled that I was asked to address this church.

I am humbled because they could ask more seasoned pastors to preach on that subject.

I am humbled that even though there are times I feel that I have nothing to give, God would show me that through Him, there could be more to give.

I am humbled by the relationships I’ve had the privilege to share and enjoy.

I am humbled by the love I experience from people both near and far.

I am humbled by the prayers of people who would out of the blue, ask me , “I would like to pray for you today. Is there any specific thing you would like me to pray about?”

I am humbled when I am called “Son” by an older preacher whose faithfulness to God is something I intend to follow.

I am humbled by friends who would email me and tell me that they appreciate what I am doing.

I am humbled when people remember the things I have done and things I have said to encourage them in the past.

I am humbled by the generosity of friends and new found brothers in the faith.

I am humbled by the love my wife showers me with everyday.


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