Lessons from “Peanut” – my wife’s mini pinscher

April 23, 2008

I picked her up yesterday. If I could only tell her the trouble my wife and I went through to make the arrangements! We have 3 dogs (labrador, mini-pin and a mongrel) so whenever we would need to go on trips, it would take a lot of planning so that the dogs would all be taken care of in our absence. We have already nailed it to an art form, as a matter of fact….

The black lab named Beans and the mongrel named Toepy stayed at home while Peanut was taken to a friend who also used to have a mini-pin (which died early this year….). We arranged for Joseph, my nephew to house sit and dog-sit for us in our absence. Leaving a 15-year old young man house- sit is another blog in itself….

Anyways, yesterday, after dropping by at the office to sign some papers, I took Joseph home. Then I went back to the office to wait for an officemate who took care of Peanut over the weekend. She was telling me during the drive to her condo unit that Peanut hardly played with them. She displayed some moments of playfulness after she was wiped off with a moist towel. I told her that my wife would usually play with her right after Peanut’s bath.

When she opened the door, Peanut scurried away and rounded the table. I squatted down and called her name. She did not eagerly come but made her way slowly to my hand. Once she smelled me and heard my voice and recognized me, she went (as my young people, back in the day would say,) BALLISTIC! She was all over me. Jumping and asking to be carried. Once I carried her, she was still all over me… she could not contain herself…

My friend and her sister was really amused to see this going on. It is as if our Peanut came alive! I carried her to the car where she patiently waited for us to leave. She could hardly wait to come home. It took awhile for her to find her most comfortable spot.

After an hour of driving, we finally reached our village. She woke up and sensed the familiar location. And once she was home, she displayed the same BALLISTIC behaviors, especially when she saw my wife. Mini-pins are notoriously known as a one-person dog. And to her, the most important person is my wife. I think I come in second.

While Peanut was asleep on our way home, these thoughts came to my mind:

Wouldn’t it be funny and stupid, if Peanut acted to gather all her materials and showed them to me to tell me how much they are worth?

And wouldn’t it be foolish for her to say “hey, dont forget my blankie, my toys, my things… as I carried her to the car?

When she saw me – her happiness was simply un-bridled. She was the happiest mini-pin at the moment. She could care less for her bed, her blankie, her toys…. they were all nothing. What mattered to her was that I was there… and she was coming with me no matter what.

I guess it would also look stupid if I acted differently should my Lord and Master come to pick me up. It would look foolish for me to show him all the toys I had gathered in my lifetime. To show him all the places i visited and all the important things I had achieve in this lifetime. It would be very foolish of me to get more excited about the things and the place where I was left for awhile than the arrival of my Master.

I pray that I would also be in a state of un-bridled joy every time I encounter Jesus. That He will be the only one I would care for at that moment. That all things would be dwarfed into nothingness as I could hardly wait to go where He is.

I pray that I will be very excited to be in His heavenly presence than to stay here on earth where I was left off for awhile… Peanut, no matter how comfortable the place where we left her off, knew that she does not belong there.

I pray that I will always remember that lesson. No matter how comfortable it gets here… I belong to where He is. That I will never forget where and to whom I belong…


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