I am a weary traveller waiting for my flight

April 25, 2008

(Centennial Airport : Manila, Philippines 5:30 AM)

I used to love airports. The sight of the planes taking off and landing is a very exciting thing for me. The sight of people pulling their luggages. The uniformed pilots and crew which poignantly remind me of my desire to become one of them.

Airports convey much anticipation & hope brought about by the flight about to take one to his destination. Evidenced by the cameras brought by the young people as they busily take portraits of themselves for their Friendster account, maybe. Of people dressed in their shorts, flip-flops and most comfortable shirts, indicating their tropical beach destinations [Boracay Paradise, I miss you!]

All of these things are present as I write this. But something is noticeably absent right now. All the excitements that I used to feel… (they just announced that it is our boarding time)

View from my seat

Flight 291 AirPhilippines to Dumaguete

Seat 09F – window exit

28,000 ft ( this pic I took as we were flying over Taal Volcano. I simply used what was in my hands – my HP IPAQ Rx3417 with its 1.3 meg camera. It captured the mouth of the mother Taal volcano)

are missing. I reasoned that perhaps it is because I have been traveling and speaking for the past 2 weekends. Palawan, Bacolod and now, Dumaguete. And these travels usually mean arriving early, speaking till late in the evening and flying home Monday dead-tired and usually with a hoarse voice at the end of the weekend.

Physical fatigue is one thing, weariness is another, a much more difficult thing to handle.

Maybe I am just getting weary and my tank is getting empty. seeing the airport where last week, my wife was with me hauling our luggage, made me feel empty. I suddenly missed her. The kind of missing someone that it actually hurts inside. With her GAD and depression still being managed, trips like these are difficult for both of us.

Lord, I am tired and weary. I am going to a place where the people are expecting to be trained. Fill me with your joy & your strength & allow me to minister to them refreshed & renewed by Your grace. In my weariness right now, I open myself to You as I wait for your comfort. Lord, I cannot give what I don’t have – please fill me up & renew my mind & soul with your Spirit. Let me come to You to receive Your promised rest.


3 Responses to “I am a weary traveller waiting for my flight”

  1. Middle Man Says:

    Travel can be seriously draining. You might enjoy this:


    Good luck and bon voyage!

  2. Middle Man Says:

    Travel can be so tiring. You may enjoy this:


    Bon voyage!

  3. oftherock Says:

    Thank you Middle Man…. I read your posts as well. I had another experience coming back to Manila… but the difficult experience was redeemed beyond my expectations!

    Take care in your travels!

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