The Redemptive Possibilities….! (Part 2)

May 2, 2008

Not having anything to do, I just lounged at the office of Aviation Training One International. Capt Dan Bahinting approached me and said something so fast that I failed to properly hear him. He dropped in my hand a pair of headsets.

i thought we were just going to listen to some music until his sister and other employees started making remarks of the possibility of me throwing up? Then i heard the word Aerobat 152.


He prepped the plane….The only one in the Philippines

He gave me some very clear run through of the instruments… I could not believe it. The last time I flew with him was July 16, 2004! And the first time I ever flew a Cessna was in 1998 with his father, Capt Jessup Bahinting over in Mactan International Airport, Cebu.

When the instructions were done, we proceeded to the runway. He did the communications with the Dumaguete Air Traffic office. When it was all set… the view of the runway ( newly asphalted – so there were no lines and numbers) was truly an amazing sight…

I pushed the throttle and the engine fired up …. and we started through the runway… and when given the direction, I pulled the lever and off we went… what an awesome feeling! The most beautiful sight of the sea, islands, clouds… the city below!

I was like a little boy… telling Capt Dan “this is so awesome and you get to see this everyday!” I was really thrilled…. Capt Dan would remind me to level the plane so I could see clearly infront of me….

The landing was a little scary but Capt Dan really just put me at ease. We landed and went back to the edge of the runway for another take off…. and off we went. Capt Dan was telling me that flying feels so natural for me….and that I was getting it….

We circled around the bay and he pointed Cebu, Siquijor and over to the far side, Bohol… it was simply amazing. It was the greatest feeling. I was too happy that this time, i got Sarah’s camera (Dan’s sister) before I boarded the Cessna Aerobat 152 … (the only one that has been exported to the Philippines, as per FAA records!)

What an awesome feeling. Here I was feeling miserable for missing my flight yet God has other plans for me! God was redeeming my stressful experience earlier. Here I was… fulfilling my childhood dream of flying!

It started to drizzle as I was preparing to land the second time. When I released the latch 30 degrees and lessened the power, I got distracted when I saw the vehicles down below that I was on the far left of the runway when I started to descend….

But finally made it back to the middle of the runway… and what a relief to be on the ground again…

It was the greatest feeling! From despair to rejoicing!

And come to think of it, there are many times when we despair in our lives. When things are not working out no matter how much we planned them. When things are falling apart beyond our control. Yet in an instant, God can redeem all these things. I am not trying to minimize your pain or the hurt you are going through, but one thing I know, He can redeem our sufferings. He can redeem our traveling inconveniences! He can redeem our flight plan errors and missed details!

Yesterday, I was in despair. I was anxious to be home. When I called my wife about the change of my flight details. She was very relaxed and said “maybe God is protecting you from something…” as it turned out, I was going to miss my Air Philippines flight so that in a moment, I could be piloting a Cessna Aerobat 152 over the city of Dumaguete and the seas beyond!

Hey, to those of you skeptics (har har har) I did not use Photoshop for this. I don’t know how to use that ( ask my wife, I am ignorant of those photo editing softwares), but hey, one of the things I do know, is to fly a Cessna. And maybe, one of these years, I could also teach you how to fly.

Thank you Capt Dan Bahinting. Amazing how flying can make me feel like an excited little boy. Thank you for teaching me how to fly…it is still my dream to be a certified flyer and be part of that awesome men and women who get to play up in the skies!


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