A Weary Servant’s Prayer. . .

May 5, 2008

This is not my original. I came across this back in 2001. However, I could not recall anymore where I got this from.  Thank you, whoever you are for writing this prayer. I have been using this as part of the staff training every summer, and yet, it still gets to me every time.

“I’m our of breath, Lord, from going the extra mile, so often for so many. My capacity to give feels drained, washed out, expended, dried up. I am tired and I feel cheated. I guess I want a chance to bask in praise, recognition, and appreciation, even acclaim.  Forgive selfish introspection, Lord, and needless self-pity, misdirected, unjustified grudges, and my complaining spirit.  Remind me that I too make mistakes, let people down, and act on selfish whim.

Give me the strength to keep on giving… and loving, and caring and serving, when no reward is in sight, and when no one is there to say thanks. Let my joy be in doing the unrecognized job.



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