Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary – May 5th

May 5, 2008

The month of May is really full of significant dates:

May 1 – Wifey’s birthday

May 3rd – Wifey’s mom, passed away 9 years ago

May 5th – my parents wedding anniversary

May 9th – we buried wifey’s mom on mother’s day, 9 years ago.

But today is May 5th, my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary. The sun has revolved 45 times, thousands of moons have passed since they got married in a small catholic church somewhere in Sampaloc, Manila. Their reception was in a place called “Diner” along Quezon Avenue…(it no longer exists)

I wonder how my parents think about their relationship. I wonder what they say to each other now. Growing up I have seen the imperfections in their marriage ( no perfect marriages, anyway!) – and there was one verbal disagreement that has stayed with me for the longest time.

I was about 5 at that time. I must have been sick at that time because I was sleeping with them…. I woke up all of a sudden and I heard them talking… in harsh tones and I think my mom was crying as she was saying something I could not clearly remember now. I lifted the mosquito net (aha… those were the days!) and got out of the net but was still sitting on the bed. They were arguing. I cannot remember the words anymore because I was too young then. But I remember how it felt. I remember the fear slowly rising inside me. I was suddenly afraid…

Through thick and thin. In sickness and in health. In 2001, my mother collapsed due to sheer exhaustion from being in the hospital when my Dad was diagnosed with Klebsiella pneumonia and stayed there for a month. He almost died where in not for the availability of strong antibiotics targetting that bacteria in his lungs…( Dad suspects that it was also the same Klebsiella that eventually took the life of my uncle)

Last year, my wife and I took them to Calatagan for a day -outing… and then later in the afternoon, strolled in Playa Calatagan. My mom really enjoyed that place.

Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad.
Thank you very, very much for everything.

I love you.


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