In Whom His Favor Rests….

May 8, 2008

I emailed someone today inviting him to address our Mens’ Conference next month.

I still shake my head at the “audacity” of what I just did. This man holds one of the top 5 Most influential positions in the Philippine government. Who am I to just open my Outlook and start a new message to an an email address that I had not used for more than 4 years?

As part of the organizers, this inspiration came this afternoon as I was looking at some pictures taken from an international leadership conference held in Singapore four years ago. God blessed me with the opportunity to attend there with other Filipino leaders from different institutions, and for almost a month, a brotherly prayerful connection was formed.

I remember even sending this very important brother a prayer request. His response is still in my INBOX. Now four years later, I am sending this invitation. I even attached some of our pictures for him to remember who I was…

Lord God, thank you that through the years you always recognize us. Lord you never change. You never forget. We don’t even have to do a “remember me”? with you because You even know the number of hairs on our heads… Through Christ, who in the fullness of Your grace, You gave all the spiritual blessings we could ask for, out of the lavished love you have for us. Lord, I am sending that email in faith. You are the one who can open the doors of the high and mighty people of the land. Please grant us your favor and allow us to hear this brother address the men in that conference. I am not highly connected Lord with the powers-that -be, but I know that You, the author and finisher of our salvation, the GOD who stretched the curtains of the universe, are willing and able to do beyond what we can ask or imagine.

I humbly ask for your favor Lord. To please grant us the opportunity to hear this man you have raised, to speak before us. Thank you. I will wait for your wonderful favor.

In Jesus’ name.



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