Moments when we need theopneustos the most…

May 10, 2008

Two of the pastoral team members of our little church in Sta Rosa was hospitalized at just about the same time. The first one is fondly called DadFen ( how I got to call him as such is another testimony on its own. The second one is Reuel, about my age, husband to Jing and father to Tim their less than 2 -year old baby)

Prayer Request for Henson Fen Santos and Reuel Avila

The family requests the prayers of everyone for Henson Fen Santos (77 years old), an elder residing in Sta. Rosa, Laguna whose left kidney has been damaged and whose bladder has been found to have a large mass inside. He has also been experiencing much pain from time to time. A biopsy is to be done by the doctor this Friday afternoon for further tests. He is now confined at the Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Prayers and help is also requested for Reuel Avila who “suffered a stroke which seemed to have progressed to a nervous breakdown.” His wife is requesting for single males to assist. He is now confined at the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Reuel is a pastoral team member of the Sta. Rosa Church (Laguna).

Lord God, incline your ear to us and hear us when we pray. Please visit them in their afflictions Lord. Touch them and heal them Lord. We are nothing without you. These two men have served you in various capacities and have dedicated their lives for your service. Dad Fen is in pain Lord. Grant him your peace and and your joy as he awaits his full healing in You. Provide for their needs Lord. Strengthen Mommy Cerma as she takes care of him in the hospital. In the advancement of our years Lord, we go full circle to when we were born – helpless and in total dependence to the people around us.

The same way Lord for Brother Reuel. You are the only one that can reach him where his thoughts are. Visit him there in the valley. Speak healing words and comfort his mind. Do your miracles in the nerves of his brain Lord and restore him back. When he gets anxious and when his nerves are interacting differently than the way they should, I pray for your “theopneustos” to be upon them. Breathe upon them Lord and they will get up from their hospital beds and live many more years for you service and glory.

In Jesus’ name,



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