When afflictions knock…

May 10, 2008

May 5th.

Wifey has been feeling queasy since she woke up yesterday. Actually, we both were feeling really tired. But I had to go to the office to get Peanut from her summer camp with Tita Doris. Wifey was left to finish the logo for the upcoming Summer Enrichment Program in Luzon.

It was a long drive and I wasn’t feeling too great. In the evening, I could hardly get home because Wifey sent me sms at 7:30 PM telling me that she had thrown up. Last night she threw up 6 more times. The last time was at 4AM and she slipped in quietly, not wanting to wake me up.

This morning as well at about 8AM. My calm and collected facade was slowly giving way to discouragement. I went to SM Sta Rosa to get some groceries and there communed with God.
Another pastoral team member was also rushed to the hospital last friday night – and in the next couple of days has become progressively worse.

Got the chicken soup done and helped my wifey eat. She was too weak to get up and when I told her about us going to the doctor, she said she might just hurl and hurl in public and she didnt want to do that. She slept off the rest of the afternoon.

She has a slight fever now and her stomach is still sensitive to touch. What a busy day. House chores and other camp tasks I needed to finish like dorm assignments and staff assignments.

It can get really stressful sometimes.

Lord God, touch and heal my wifey and Reuel Avila who is confined at the San Juan De Dios Hospital. Have mercy and heal my wife – and let her recover speedily. Her head is still throbbing – Lord touch her whole body and restore her back to health. Whatever it is that may have caused her stomach to hurl 8X, we pray that is has been taken out of her system. Thank you for your mercy Lord.

UPDATE: Wifey is feeling a lot better now. But she still tires easily. She is still not yet 100% recovered.


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