“How Great Is Our God…”

May 14, 2008

How great is our God

Sing with me, how great is Our God

All the world will see

How great Is Our God!

We just sang that before the Christian Living Class 1 here in the Summer Enrichment Program in Silang, Cavite. 108 campers and 42 staff are here right now. Little did I know that as soon as I check my email, there is something waiting for me.

I mentioned in the previous blog about this very simple email I sent to this very high ranking official in the country. Well I got an answer from the public information officer of this branch of the government – with the attached pdf response from this very distinguished gentleman.


I was very humbled when he said yes. I felt so small and so privileged for his very generous response. He is willing to attend the Conference and address this gathering of Christian men.

I could not even begin to describe my excitement. Thank you Lord for this favor. Thank you for giving us this grace. For allowing us to experience the testimony of this well-respected brother.

Thank You Lord. Because You hear our prayers. More than this, you visit us. You know us intimately. You came from heaven to become one of us. You visited us. Lord, you are just a prayer away. You listen when we call. You listen even when our words fail us and could only utter our groans. Thank You Lord… thank you for your favor. Thank you for surpassing our expectations and showering us with your grace! And You are the majestic God, may we always be in AWE of your presence. May we anticipate with so much expectation and excitement your indwelling presence in our lives!


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