What A Beautiful Sight

May 17, 2008

I am sitting on the small veranda of our cottage here at the SEP camp with our dogs (Beans, Toepy and Peanut) occupying their floor positions) – watching DORM 4B and 4G go through their modern dance routine outdoors.   They looked good wearing maroon T-shirt for girls and tealed blue shirts for the boys.   It is an awesome sight.  Young people having a grand time.  Not having any cares for awhile – just focusing on friendships that surround them.  With the gentle late summer breeze , they are comfortably rehearsing for dance presentation they will be performing for the whole camp tonight.

I have seen this sight many times.  I have been given the privilege of training staff volunteers and organizing youth camps all over the country.  For the past 21 years this has been my passion and God knows He can use me this way until this physical body gives way.  21 years and 46 SEP camps (Philippines and Orr, MN USA)

I am grateful for how the Lord has revealed His God-given passion. I am really grateful for the training I have received from the denomination and most particularly this elderly man who took me under his wings and for 2.5 summers, allowed to observe and learn from him as he directed summer camps in the United States.  Dr. Kermit Nelson is an awesome man that brought to my life back when i was a freshman in Ambassador College.  I had no idea that he would later make me his Admin Aide and from him I would learn the reasons, the philosophies, the ropes…. and later on to discover that this is one of my life callings.

Thank you Dr. Nelson. Thank you for allowing me to learn from you.  Every time I organize, visit, speak at a youth camp, I carry with me your legacy.  I carry a portion of your life that you and your wife Leila invested in me.  People who knew you would recognize you in how I do some of the things here at camp and in a way, I am also passing it on to the counselors and the staff who are serving in these camps.

Thank you Lord for sending me “fathers” in the ministry and Dr.Nelson was one of those men who laid the ministry foundation in my formative years.  (others would be honored in forthcoming blogs…)

Thank you Lord for the lives of these “fathers” who enriched my life. May I also leave an imprint in the lives of these younger people and may these imprints enrich their lives as well.


3 Responses to “What A Beautiful Sight”

  1. kenady Says:

    My name is Kevin Kenady.
    I have heard that Dr. Nelson is in very poor health. Do you know how I could contact him.

  2. kenady Says:

    e-mail address hobartkhk@aol.com

  3. oftherock Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Sent you an email.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I hope we find the good Dr. Nelson soon.

    God bless!

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