Still the most basic of things….

May 21, 2008

I was checking my email when I noticed that a friend was online. I sent him a short message and asked if he was still in Singapore. He said he flew back to the United States because his grandfather suddenly died even though he was still relatively strong.

I had met his grandfather so we talked about the details.  I remember back in 1992 when I visited his family in Buffalo, his grandfather cooked ravioli and he made his own pasta.  It was most wonderful.  That was my first time to witness a pure Italian chef at work.

Well our conversation shifted to other personal details. I shared with him my desire to go to Law School this school year so we briefly talked about possibilities.  Then for some reason after talking about his work, we ended up chatting about the Finals of the American Idol.  My wife is a David Cook fan while I am an Archuleta fan.  Archuleta’s voice is really so pure and that song “In This Moment” was something I really felt.  When he sang “Imagine” – it was not as great perhaps because I had already heard it – but nonetheless it was still very good.
Well anyway, here we were – my friend who was riding a train bound for his work gave me the warning.

“I will be disconnected in two minutes…”

“Really why?”

“I am riding a train – and we are nearing Grand Central…”

“Are you using your laptop”

‘yeah – I can work anywhere…”

I told him how awesome it was.  Here was my friend riding a train in New York while I was more than 12 hours ahead and more than halfway across the globe – and we were loving the technology that made this possible.

“Hey Ron, I said.  Funny how this world has gotten really high-tech and look at us… but we are still talking about the most basic of things.  Our love for music and who we think should win the IDOL season.  He was very amazed too – then he got disconnected.

I came down the stairs and told my wife that my friend Ron is another David Cook’s fan.  As it turned out, Kelly, his wife is an Archuleta fan.

The messages were sent via a web of underground network cables in synapses of binary codes.  My friend was using a laptop while I was using an old reliable Pentium 4 Desktop…. a lot of things have changed in the way we communicate. But what is amazing is that, the content of our communication hasn’t changed at all.

We use high tech gadgets – but basically, deep inside, we still care about the most basic things. Love, friendship, family, relationships and yes, whoever is going to be the next American Idol.


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