Deliver us from evil….

May 24, 2008

Exactly a week ago, several bank employees of RCBC in Cabuyao, Laguna were killed – execution style as the bank was being robbed prior to its operating hours.  The staff would walk in and the evildoers were already inside the bank’s premises ready to grab them as they come in.

Now pictures of this tragic event are beginning to be circulated.  This happened while we were away at camp and when I heard about this news, all i could say was “Deliver us from evil…”
The country is still trying to recover from this massacre.  It tells us that nothing is sacred anymore.  That the greed for money is more than sufficient to kill, not once, but many times. And the manner how they were killed (bullets in their heads… ) reveal the dastardly acts that only the most cruel of hearts could imagine.

I was looking at the young people having an awesome time at camp – and these people who were mercilessly killed could be their brother, father, sister, friend and neighbor.

Lord, protect us from evil.  Deliver us from the bloodthirsty evil doers.  Protect your little ones Lord and let them enjoy their youth.  Do not let the evil doers snap away fathers and mothers away from their little ones.

O Lord God…. the whole earth is groaning in agony.

Please come soon.



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