Even Pastors Get their Driving Licenses taken away….

May 31, 2008

I was on my way to the office last Thursday (took me this long to blog about this…) for a lunch meeting with some of the instructors at the office. I was running a little late due to the heavy road constructions going on at the SLEX.

Upon reaching the Magallanes toll gate, I sms the office and told them that I may be running a little late. I got this sms “They are finishing now… no need to come here.. Pasensya na…”…

I was driving the car on a coding window… (10am – 3PM) and I need to be off the roads. When I got that, I simply decided to just make a U-turn. Since I was just too eager to be home and wok on some stuff for the Conference, I turned right at the soonest possible road to get me back to C5, which is Kalayaan.

I was almost there at the last intersection, when a man in yellow uniform flagged me down. I calmly stopped and rolled my window and heard the words “Sir, coding po tayo…” “what?..I had completely forgotten about the non-existent coding window in Makati City. I was shaking my head in exasperation why it completely vanished from my mind at that time.

I just waited for him to give me a ticket. Funny how every move I made inside the car, as I reached inside my backpack to get directions how to retrieve my license, the man would always look at what I was doing ( I am not sure if he was anticipating that I would offer a financial cop-out). This reminded me when I was also flagged down in Alabang on my way out of Toyota building and I was headed back to Laguna, a cop was also there and at 8AM I was about to return home because I did not get the slots needed for a repair that day. When i said that I was on my way home and that I just exited Toyota… the cop said “Maiistorbo po kayo pag kayo pa kukuha nito…pang merienda na lang po siguro…” this was when I told him ” I am a pastor….of course I will not offer you a bribe.. please give me my ticket…” He let me go and said “God bless you…”

I was given my ticket. I will try to retrieve it on Monday. I was not a happy camper when I got back to SLEX because it was a bumper to bumper situation. A college classmate was even calling me to turn back for a last dinner reunion before she headed back to the US.

But it turned out really well. My wife and I joined the small dinner gathering and we talked the afternoon away in a nice restaurant in the upscale part of Makati. Then when it was time to go home, Mary Anne took us to the Festival Mall in Alabang where the car was still parked. Thank you Mary Anne!

It was a long day and when I got home, I felt really drained. I looked at the ticket handed to me earlier that day and felt my frustration rising inside. Just one of those days. Started good as I reminisced about my baptism 22 years ago. It got bad in the middle when I felt I spent money on gas and toll fees only to have my license taken away because I had forgotten not to make a turn on any of the Makati streets….

Oh well… these things happen. I am praying for a better week. Having to retrieve my license in a traffic management office that I still need to find and paying for the violation ticket, while may not be my best ideas of ending my week – well, these things happen…

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