Most read post in recent days…

June 1, 2008

I was amazed at the growing interest at the article I wrote

The slain RCBC personnel have all been given a poignant funerals in the last couple of days. Stories were coming out about the lives of these people. It is truly heartbreaking because there are more than 10 families grieving right now.

One of the victims was a recent graduate of the same Law school where i took the exam recently. He was supposed to take the Bar exam this coming September. An 8 X 11 post about him with his graduation pic were posted on several bulletin boards across the campus. The lady who interviewed me noticed that I was reading one of those posters inside the room after the written exam and she commented “he was a very, very nice person…. we really feel bad about this loss…”

Let us continue praying for the families who are grieving right now. There is no need to click on the pictures of the slain victims inside the bank. There is no need to even pass these images. Let us give the grieving family the support and dignity that their loved ones deserve.


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