More health concerns. . .

June 4, 2008

Yesterday on our way to Paranaque, I got an sms from one of the youth workers at the recently concluded SEP2008. He informed me that his mother may need to be taken back to the hospital.  She has some heart problems and the doctors have talked about the possibility of a liver cancer as well.

This morning, there was a prayer request sitting in my inbox.  Someone we know from California was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her husband was here last year for the short-term missions exposure in La Union and other areas.

People are getting sick.  I think one of the reasons for my migraine yesterday was these health updates I have been receiving lately.  The other night, I got home at 2am from a PT counseling/restructuring meeting.  But driving home, the news about these people who are waiting and praying for God’s healing miracles are heavily weighing on me.

Lord God, please be merciful.  Thank you for knowing all of these medical needs. Thank you for being right there as they hurt and as they live their lives that are drastically altered by these sicknesses.  Whisper your loving and comforting and healing words.  You just need to speak and we will rise from our beds.  Let Your healing grace be magnified in our lives, as we totally surrender our lives into Your mighty Hands.

In the name of your loving son, Jesus,



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