Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – some personal pathos

June 6, 2008

Yesterday was a movie treat courtesy of Don who turned 15 yesterday. His whole family, along with my wife and LM trooped to Festival mall to watch Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian. I was already getting sleepy and my body was demanding those hours of sleep it had been deprived of lately. After eating a hearty white-cheeze pizza at Sbarro, we were ready for the movie.

It really did not get interesting for me until the middle part. There was a time when I was really trying hard to keep awake (not because of the movie, but because of the lack of sleep)…

The movie personally touched on some personal cords when it showed them surrounded by the vast armies. And the huge boulders were crashing around them simultaneously. When they turned and they could see their fortress slowly giving way. Peter turned and asked if their little sister made it…. it got really good after that.

The little girl saw Aslan and she was the one sent to ask for his help. Riding through the woods with soldiers chasing her – it was a picture of a little girl who was already doomed to fail, until Aslan showed up. And I felt she was asking the question for me when she asked him “How come you are not helping us?” And Aslan, answered in a way that only a sovereign being could.

The movie was amazing. I woke up this morning reviewing the scenes at the movie.

Like the little girl, we also feel lost running through the woods as we are being chased by challenges with only our little faith inside our feeble hearts.

Like the little girl, she was sent to the woods to look for Aslan because she was the one who saw him and others did not. There are times when people around us are losing faith and they are hanging to whatever thread of faith we may still have inside.

Like the young king and queens, we need to smile even when things are desperate because other people need to see that we are holding on.

Like Caspian, we may need to set aside some personal goals to achieve the desired mission of the army.

Like Caspian and Peter, there are times when we may be hypnotized by the allure of the temptation because we find ourselves lacking in hope and strength.

Like the younger King, we need another brother or sister, who may help break the ice – wall that is keeping us from seeing through our hypnotic state.

We can also find a friend in the most unlikely place.

We can also stand before an army, with our little play sword and not be worried about anything because OUR GOD IS FOR US.

We can simply watch as God speaks through the armies, challenges, hunger, poverty, discouragement.

We can also make a stand to be a different person than what people may simply expect us to become. We can transition from a person (Caspian) whose lineage determines the outcome, to a person whose surrendered life has determined the outcome. ” You can become a different King…”

We can stand side by side with our brothers and sisters as we contend for what has been rightfully ours.

What an amazing movie. I was more encouraged than entertained. I became a little child not because of the cinematography effects, but because of a deeper awareness of my need for someone powerful in my life. An awareness of how much everything is dependent on God.

Lord God, you know how much we need You. We need You more than we can even understand. We need You more than we can ever imagine. You are always in control of our lives. Thank you for accommodating our questions and our hurts when you seem so far away and not mindful of what we are going through. Your voice is like that of a roaring lion. Speak to our situations. Let your voice be heard through the most difficult situations we are going through. Allow us to be still and see the wonders of your mighty hands at work in the lives of the people who are calling out to you for their protection.

– a mother with a young child will bury her husband tomorrow.

– a mother is planning to work overseas in an effort to secure the future of her only child

– a mother borrowing money to pay for the books and school supplies of her children after the death of her husband early this year.

– a family coping with health difficulties

– a young wife worrying about her husband in the military because 3 of his soldiers in the battalion were killed a couple of days ago.

– a family struggling to cope with issues of infidelity

– a family broken by legalism

– a family broken by un-forgiveness.

– of the hundreds still clamoring for safety in Myanmar

– of the hundreds of parents grieving over the death of their precious little ones in China

-of the young children dying in poverty in Africa

– of the men and women dispossessed from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and from the violence in parts of Africa.

We are all standing on the other side of the bridge. The armies are closing in. Others are halfway through the bridge. Their aim is to steal, to kill and destroy.

Lord, speak mightily. We will be still and know you are GOD.

10 “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

Be exalted among the nations. Be exalted in the earth. Amidst our tribulations, we will be still.

In Jesus’ name.



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