We are only pilgrims here

June 9, 2008

Last saturday I attended a funeral for a member who died recently. It was a simple funeral conducted by Ptr Andrew Teng. No fanfares – just the families, relatives and church members who shared in the grief experienced by a mother of a young daughter.

The sadness of the whole thing affected me. Funerals have their way of reminding us that we will really leave everything behind. After the final viewing, the harsh reality of the finality of the goodbyes were setting in. “I love you Papa….” were the muffled voices that could be heard amidst the tears that flowed that hot saturday afternoon. About 200 ft away from us, another funeral was in progress… the combined wailing of women from two funeral ceremonies could really break one’s heart.

The deceased left a young wife with a young daughter who was inconsolable at the loss of her Papa.

It was a heartbreaking picture and I could not help but feel so broken inside.

We are just pilgrims here. We are not meant to stay here forever. Our physical bodies are not meant to endure for eternity.

Father God, reach out to the bereaved mother and daughter at this time. Open the floodgates of your heavenly merciful throne and embrace them as a loving Father would. Widow and fatherless – please take care of them. In their most difficult moments, allow them to see that they are not alone. In the darkest hours of their bereavement, comfort them as their hearts will be broken by the memories of their loved one. Thank you that in you Jesus, all things will be reconciled. The dead will rise. The children and mothers will no longer cry. And we will rise up to be with you for eternity.

In your precious name,



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