Let it rain in California

July 8, 2008

It started to rain a few seconds ago. I even had to close all the windows because it was one of those strong, powerful downpours. Helps dissipate the heat a bit – but the images of the flooding in the Visayas due to typhoon Frank are still fresh in my mind. I just wished it would not rain as hard anymore.

And I have been thinking and praying for California. I am here more than 8,000 miles away from where the fires are raging. I could not just fathom the extent of the more than 1,000+ fires simultaneously going on. A lot of things have really changed. Parts of the country are reeling from the flood and another part of the country is so dry that a fire could easily spread to devour thousands of homes and properties.

I am praying for rain in California. While the people there and weather specialists may say that there is no rain in sight, I pray that God would just send them rain. Please God, send your precious rain to California and please intervene and let the fires stop. People will know that it is ONLY YOU who can stop all these things for us. And in the midst of a very dry spell, you can powerfully send RAIN. Only a GOD can do that.

Please Lord. Please have mercy on them.

In Jesus’ Name.



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