“See You at the Finals!”

July 19, 2008

Early this morning, I got a text message from one of my friends who was about to leave with his whole family, for Canada today. As I write this, they must be flying somewhere on their way to the Canadian North.

His sms read : “We will be leaving for Canada later today. I just want thank you for everything! See you at the finals!”

“See me at the finals?”

What was he talking about? And in a moment, I realized what that text message meant. See you at the finals. See you at the end. See you in the kingdom, or better yet, since he doesn’t know when he will be able to see us, “see you in heaven” would be more appropriate.

I remember in 2004 after our graduation from the Haggai Institute in Singapore. We were saying our goodbyes right after the worship communion. In 3 hours, some of my newfound friends from all over the world were about to leave. I remember hearing these words many times as we hugged and bid our farewells… “See you on the other side of heaven….”

It seems that saying goodbye oftentimes feels incomplete. It does not convey much hope after the departure.

I liked how my friend said his.

To you Troy and Thess and your children, “See you at the finals!”


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