Visiting the TAOIST temple in CEBU

August 14, 2008

There was nothing spectacular about this but my classmate wanted to show it to me since I was already in Beverly Hills, Lahug, Cebu.

It was a short drive from VICTO where we had our pastoral conference. I must admit, I just wanted to talk with Carrie ( my highschool classmate) because the last time I saw her was 25 years ago at our highschool graduation.

Well we briefly toured the place and then climbed some more stairs. I am not into Chinese art and temples but the view was good. My eagerness to see the place was shattered when I heard a rude, cutting shout aimed at one of my friends who was with us. He was about to take a picture of some of the “saints” at the top chapel. My friend did not see the “NO PICTURE TAKING of the SAINTS ALLOWED” and embarrassed, wondered why he was being shouted at.

We noticed the sign and just gave the man a look. A few moments later, another friend, this time a lady, made the same mistake. We heard again the same rude shout, this time a little louder. Our friend just raised her hand to say she was sorry and walked away. But I was fuming mad and told my classmate…”Is it really necessary to rudely shout at guests? And to think, the person shouting is also a Filipino, shouting at a young lady when he could just say it in CEBUANO?” I was getting upset about the whole thing.

A Chinese temple in a Filipino land and a FILIPINO is rudely shouting at another FILIPINO for not seeing the NO PICTURE TAKING OF THE SAINTS ALLOWED…. there’s got to be a better way than this. I don’t understand this at all.

It created a distaste in my mouth and my classmate said something that affirmed my observation. It was time to go. We chatted on our way back to the gate where we met a Korean couple trying to get a nice picture of the temple. I volunteered to take their picture and then told them that a Korean teen just won gold at the Swimming event in Olympics. They got excited and thought I was from South Korea too. They liked the framing and the guy handed the camera to me again…. for another shot. Done.

Feeling grateful,, they nodded their heads in appreciation. And the lady mustered enough of her English and said “Thanks, You are cute!”


Note to my countrymen: Let us not forget to extend courtesy to one another even as we start bending over backward in showing courtesy to other people. ( or temples!)


One Response to “Visiting the TAOIST temple in CEBU”

  1. andoi Says:

    hindi kasi nyo ako sinama. haha.
    (and this time, the korean couple would distinguish the real meaning for ‘cute’)

    and what did the guy said about the no-picture-taking-to-inanimate-object policy?

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