Hillary’s Finest Hour

August 27, 2008

Grateful for their loyal support

Grateful for their loyal support

The much anticipated speech by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton deeply impressed me.  Sure it was all about politics and some people might argue that she was just being a good politician.  But setting aside the natural cynic in all of us, I was riveted to CNN trying to capture the pathos and ethos of the moment.  The camera loved her.  Clinton delivered, not only that, Clinton delivered hope.

Here I was, more than 12,000 miles away – watching her and I was feeling more hopeful.  Here was a lady who through the past several months had been through some of the most grueling and horrendous media exposure during the primaries.  And she was, powerfully delivering what seemed to me a STATE OF A HOPEFUL NATION address.

Poignant words about “did you do this just for me?”

18 millions votes

18 millions votes

I wish many of the political names in this country would just ask that question.  In the US, you hardly hear of a Democrat becoming a Republican and vice-versa.  But in this country, anyone can change colors, ideologies and cross multiple party-lines and re-cross multiply party lines because “IT IS JUST FOR ME…”

The Philippines has a lot of maturing to do in terms of politics and governance.  We have seen our political candidates bicker and fight – and once elected, remain enemies, or if favorable to their advantage, would switch allegiance in a heartbeat.

Clinton telling her 18 million supporters to support Obama was almost a picture of utopia.  When candidates can come together and forget even the nastiest remarks and be united for the common cause. I know that there are many people out there who would just tell me that this is just a big political show.

But there I was – soaking all her words.  Loving Clinton and expressing my deep regret that she was not even considered for the Vice-Presidential position.

When her speech ended, I realized one thing.  She did a wonderful job in endorsing Obama. But she did a superlative job in endorsing herself.  History will vindicate her and look back at what she did at the DNC 2008 and realize that it was her finest hour.

She offered hope, and hope when powerfully lived out, will give rise to many more hopeful hearts.  I am not even an american but Clinton inspired hope in me.

She should be the next president of the United States of America.

Should have been the presidential nominee

Should have been the presidential nominee


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