A prayer as GUSTAV approaches New Orleans…

September 1, 2008

Dear God,

We are just beginning to see what hurricane Gustav did in the Carribean. How it pounded Jamaica and Cuba in recent days.

Gustav is right now over the Gulf of Mexico threatening to become stronger as a Hurricane 4 or even 5 in the next 24 hours.

Lord God, I pray for the cities of Lousiana, Miss, Florida , Alabama and other would-be affected areas.  It has been 3 years since that devastating Katrina.  Now Lord, another hurricane is on its way.

We call on you Lord to intervene.  Extend your powerful hands and speak to the winds as you break the hurricane.  Let it vanish before our eyes.  Reduce it Lord to a strong rain – reduce its might, speed and destruction capacity.  Be merciful Lord to the people who have not yet recovered from Katrina.  Be merciful Lord to the little ones, the elderly and the very infirmed who are not able to evacuate because of their conditions.  Lord, the images at the wake of Katrina are still fresh in our souls and our memories.  Unless you intervene Lord, unless you powerfully stop this hurricane, we will see a repeat of the tragedy 3 years ago.

Lord God, thank you for the preparation that is being done now. Thank you that the people are responding and are getting out of the city.  Lord provide provisions for those who have very little in terms of finances and other supplies.  Be particularly tender to single Moms, to the orphans and to the elderly as they gather the things that are important to them, and as they brace themselves what is going to happen.

Dear God, I lift them all in your powerful hands. You are in control.  “Though the oceans rise and thunders roar…” cause us to be still and know you are God…”

In Jesus’ name,



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