God, please save the babies in CHINA

September 19, 2008

The news about the tainted milk in China was really horrendous.  I was tearing up when the news indicated that the 4th baby had died after being fed that tainted milk.

The news also said that 6,000 more are being treated right now.

I could just shake my head in total un-belief.

I am not sure who the real culprits are – but most of the times, when products are released without following strict health restrictions – it would be easy to find that GREED plays a major part.

When real estate companies in the Philippines would pay DENR to declare what used to be agricultural lands as industrial that can be converted to residential or other things beside agricultural, the bottom line is greed.

When major landslides and erosions take place because all the trees are gone.

When retail stores hide the expiry dates of their products and still put them on the shelves, that is greed.

Everywhere, it can be seen.  It can be felt. Even inside our homes.  Sadly even inside our hearts.

Greed affects us all.  And in this case, the innocent ones are the ones losing their lives because of greed.

God, please rescue the little children.  They are in pain and some are dying.  Forgive us all for our greed (in whatever way, shape, degree or form) and cause us to repent ( to change our perspective and act according to that changed and renewed perspective).

Reach out and rescue the little ones in China.

In Jesus’ name



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