I was serenaded last night!

October 20, 2008

Well, I was twisting and turning…. because I was playing Jawbreakers on my Ipaq last night trying to make myself sleepy as I connect all those colorful balls when i started hearing a guitar being faintly strummed.

My wife woke up and said someone is playing a guitar at our gate.

Oh my…I initially thought, what in the world? Then I realized… it was a little past midnight and I was being serenaded with a happy birthday song.

Took awhile because we had to refrain Peanut – and yes, had to make sure that I was dressed up!

There on the gate was Bret (who turned 18 last Monday) and Al and Gian and Bret’s mom Jina.  And they started singing “happy birthday”…. I was pleasantly surprised.

They just wanted to greet me in their simple way. Al was beginning to explain why Don, his brother was not there because he fell asleep.

It was a nice touch.  The first time it was done for me was in Baguio 2004 and my wife was part of the plan.  She may have known about what was going to happen last night – because now, as I remember it, she was very calm despite being woken up.

It was a simple gesture – and I really appreciated being “serenaded” by the teens who are also very involved in our youth camps.  And hey, for 3 male teens to plan this up, actually wait, and really sing in the middle of the night? Whooaaa, I would give it an A+ for the effort.

It was a sweet gesture.  And if I may borrow the line from the Mastercard commercial..”priceless…”

Now let me cash it to the bank so I can get an Omnia! hehehehehe

Thanks Bret, Al and Gian.

Now time for me to go down and eat the fondant cake my wifey made for me.

Will post pics later.


One Response to “I was serenaded last night!”

  1. eugeniosadrao Says:

    Hi Rex,

    That was a very special greetings and much effort was truly exerted but for those who will happily do it for man they love, these kids must had been very excited to serenade you on the special day of a very brialliant yet very humble servant of God.


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