Turning 41

October 22, 2008

This is it.  I am deeply entrenched now into this mid-life.

I have fully entered the zone where the mid-life crisis would come.  I think it has started already years ago – until a former psychiatrist colleague told me that there is already what is called a quarter-life crisis.

I am 41 and I look at my life and I could name many deceased people I knew.  I could tell stories upon stories  and tell them with such freshness as if they just happened yesterday!

So many memories to look back on now, and yet, still so much of eternity to look forward to.

What a journey. As I started a personal new year with the Lord, I could not help but think that God has really given us such an awesome gift called life.  And this life is not supposed to be lived on empty.  Rather our lives are to be enriched by the relationships we have with people around us.

What a journey! I finally got my FIRST BIRTHDAY CAKE AT 41!  What a blessing!  Wifey baked me a caramel fondant cake without taking any baking /cake- making classes!

My life has been unalterably enriched by the precious life-gifts of so many people.

Thank you Lovey for being the best wifey in the whole world. You are God’s most wonderful blessing that is way beyond what I expected or imagined.

Thank you for the young people who allowed me to pour out my life on them.  LM and Jocer, what a thrill when I hear you guys call me Dad.

Thank you for the wonderful friends who never fail to show me God’s grace and love.

Thank you for Kuya Eugene for reflecting God’s faithfulness and brotherly love.

Thank you Church for challenging me to grow. For the opportunity to serve. For the memories in those years of service and many more years to come.

What a wonderful journey this has been.  With all the ups and downs, the tears(!) and the belly-laughters.

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to discover what a beautiful life my life has become – ONLY because of YOUR sustaining grace.

Thank you for not letting me go.

Thank you Jesus for knowing the plans for my life.

Thank you for not giving up on me.

Thank you for taking care of me.

Thank you for being there for me even when I questioned your presence and care in my life at times.

Thank you for your daily provision.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thank you for your great love.

I am a year older. A year closer to being with you, my Lord.


4 Responses to “Turning 41”

  1. Donna Lane Says:

    I was soo enspired by your post, I turned 39 this year and had many of the same thoughts as you. Your post is one of those that makes a person sit and reflect upon their life. Thanks to you for sharing your thoughts with us out here in the world.

    Donna Lane

  2. oftherock Says:

    Thank you Donna for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words.

    My wife will be visiting your site often as she is trying to be a good cake decorator like you.

    Sent you an email too.
    God bless.


  3. eugeniosadrao Says:

    Hi Rex,

    A year closer to the Lord. What a blessing on your birthday for us to be reminded that as we get older, YES we are coming to an end of life on eart but looking forward to live in eternity with the Lord. Brother your life is a blessing to all of us who were blessed to get to know you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.

    God bless you always.

  4. oftherock Says:


    Looking forward to eating Chicken tinola at your house when you come home for a visit!

    Thanks for the friendship. We will miss you at the reunion on the 15th.

    God bless you my brother.

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