The die is cast…

October 30, 2008

It has been a very interesting and many times, frustrating experience to watch the many months toward the selection of the next US president.

Now finally, we are just counting the days – and pretty soon, just the hours.

The die has been cast by the American people and we are who just watching from the outside, could only hold our breath not just on November 4th, but in the succeeding months, waiting with bated breath to see if America has truly chosen a leader to lead the country ( and the world) in these changing and challenging times.

While experience, loyalty, plans, policies and other major indicators were played upfront or downplayed by both campaigns, there was clearly one ISSUE that the media and millions of people have forgotten to consider.

And that is INTEGRITY.

No one talks about it.

No one seems to check on the integrity of neither candidates. While experience has been touted as what is needed – and the perception for CHANGE has been capitalized on by the other campaign, I wished the whole country demanded that their next president would be above all, a person of integrity.

One’s experience will not benefit the nation if there is no integrity.

One’s call for change is nothing when it is not based on integrity.

Sadly, with all the economic woes and continuing challenges, INTEGRITY has taken a quiet backseat into this presidential race.

Bayani Fernando was once quoted to be saying “we deserve the government that we get…”

It did not mean much at that time when he said this a couple of years back – but now several elections later, this has proven to be true.  We deserve the government we get when we fail to look at the critical integrity issues.

The die has been cast for the United States.

And also for the whole world in general.


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