Articles I will write when my internet connection is back

November 7, 2008

. Funeral of Dad Fen tomorrow  – November 8

2. Flying high in Dumaguete with Wifey /  The Flight that was almost not allowed by the Air Control Tower

3. Old Korean Man who Shouted at the Filipina bread vendor in Sta Rosa

4. NAIA Terminal 3.  What were they thinking…

I am in the process of changing my internet provider and I was told that installation would take 7 – 10 days! And I am on day 2 now… I hope it  will be installed a lot sooner! ( so that we could progress from a Developing country to a First world country – in terms of service!)

Thanks to my old and reliable Sony Ericsson K608i (Sony’s first 3G phone..) and I am still able to get connected even if it is just 115.2 kbps.

My wireless broadband provider since 2006 promised a bandwidth of UP TO 384kbps… but it would only measure UP to 161kbps… tsk tsk tsk  and to think, I just used that patiently for 2 years! Well not anymore… we will be seeing some progress soon.  My new Internet wired provider said it will be up to 1MBps and less than P4 from what I had paid to that wireless provider before.  Let us experience great value for our hard earned moolah.

Goodbye SmartBro.

Welcome Globe Broadband.


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