What in the world?!

November 21, 2008

What in the world?!
It was an early flight for Dumaguete. My wife and I missed the turn to the parking lot of the new NAIA 3 terminal building for all Cebu Pacific flights.  I dropped her off at the entrance of the building along with our luggages and made another round for the parking area so i can leave the car. Someone from the office will come later that morning to pick it up.
The NAIA 3 looked nice.  We finally caught up in some ways when compared with other airport within the region.  The staff were friendly even though they were charging me for an excess weight I had incurred.
At the final gate, as usual, we removed our shoes and headed for the xray.  Once through, we struggled to find a seat so we can put on our shoes.

There are still a lot of areas that are being worked on.  We settled at the decent looking coffee shop in front of DeliFrance. My wife drinks decaf so we made sure they serve that before settling down. As we were sipping our very bland brewed coffee….(nice place, nice look but coffee was terrible) we could not help but notice a group of 4 young ladies ( college age) as they were laughing loud. It was too much for a public setting and at a very early time at that.

My eyes grew wide when I realized what they were drinking.  They were all  holding San Miguel Beer cans in their hands!  No wonder, and instinctively I looked at my watch 5:50 AM!!!

What in the world????!!!!

Is this how it is done these days as you wait for your very early flight?  You drink beer???
They were all sounding off with their american accents – so it was difficult to assess if they were visiting here ( Filipinos who grew up in the US) or they were a bunch of locals working for a call center.
I could hardly believe it. What is going on?

Well… after the trip in Dumaguete, there was another incident at the same airport.  There were about 3 flights that arrived that evening.  It was very smooth even when 3 plane-load of passengers were waiting for their luggage.

But once you are about to exit the building, you will need to make a decision whether to go left or right. It was another long queue as we waited for 2 female security guards to look at our bags and the airline tags and the corresponding numbers….

Arrrrgggghhh… the place looks awesome.  It could showcase the organization of the place and how we are moving on… but no, it was just a facade, it was as if we were still operating a small regional airport somewhere in the Visayas. . . we waited for more than 15 minutes just to be able to get out of the building.
Michael Defensor ( my classmate in an undergrad class in UP Diliman) had the chance to really make the NAIA 3 Terminal work. But he dropped the assignment for a more lucrative post and bigger investment deals.
The terminal building looks great – but the efficiency level needs to match the physical improvement of the whole place.


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