The beauty of wireless networks at home…

November 25, 2008

Since I changed my ISP from SmartBro to Globe Broadband here in Sta Rosa Laguna, I was very much motivated to try setting up a wireless router.

The afternoon after they installed my wired Globe Broadband connection, wifey and I headed to SM Sta Rosa. I was determined to get a router, and I had specific brand in mind.


Several years back, when we were still using the primitive dial-up using a prepaid card, I was already dreaming of two things:

1. Solid and reliable internet connection

2. That would enable me to set up a wireless network at home.
Well, guess what. I am writing this in the living room while watching CNN. My NETGEAR WRG614 v9 is already working at its best upstairs.

But it was still a lesson on character development.

I could not install my NETGEAR router.

Someone came to help me and he worked at it for more than 4 hours but when he left, it made the installation more difficult because I would always get a “No internet connection detected…”

Two days of trying… and I was simply ready to just thow the unit outside the window.  I was beginning to feel bad because I felt like I simply wasted some hard earned money.

Even my friend from NEW YORK would chat with me to help install it… (we would chat in the evening as he would be on his way to the office, riding a train. Our chats would be more than 30 mins and he would still be connected… he would just get dc once he the train go through a long tunnel going to New York…)

Friends would from time to time give me some technical details… which would end up frustrating me more because some of the specifications they would tell me, were somewhat contradictory.

Until my brother in law came into the rescue.

It was 10PM and I was already in bed nursing a wounded pride when he sent me sms “are you still up to it?”

Well… through a long and extensive YM chat (ethernet connected)… he walked me through it.  He even got the control of my laptop while he was an hour away from my house!  It was a trial-and error process until at 3am I saw the wireless icon lighted up!

I have never been so excited seeing a wireless icon light up!

There it was…. I was surfing wirelessly. I was even chatting with him wirelessly!

Those beautiful lights from the modem and the routers were dancing so gracefully before my eyes!

Finally, my dream of having wireless internet connection at home came true!

Yesterday, I helped configure my sis-in law’s laptop to our wireless network using her Belkin 802.11 Wireless card.  She now surfs the internet downstairs and her daughter can use the laptop anywhere in the house.

This morning when i woke up at 4am, I turned on my pocket pc and checked my email.  My connection was so good that I was even downloading pocket pc softwares in minutes!  I was browsing through sites with the speed on my pocket pc that I had never experienced before. ( I’ve used my pocket pc in coffee shops but it was agonizingly slow…)

Life is good when those small lights from the modem and my Netgear router are gracefully blinking upstairs.


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