Excellent Customer Service of Innove Communications, Inc.

December 19, 2008

This afternoon, I found my Broadband internet bill hiding inside my mailbox. I was on my way to take care of a bill so I just nonchalantly tossed this bill when I got into the car.

As soon as I parked at the mall where I was going to make payments, I opened the Broadband bill and was pleasantly surprised that it was a little bit lower by about P70.00

Almost P100 less than the usual subscription rate. I turned to page 2 and to my amazement, the mystery was solved.  My ISP automatically gave me a rebate, OUTAGE REBATE amounting to P58.14!

And now I remember, there was a time when there was no internet for about 8 hours. And when I called up their 24-hr customer service, I was able to talk to their Customer Care officer named Peter who asked me questions detailing the technical difficulties I was going through.  He even gave me a reference number so that I can immediately follow it up.  He assured me that the technician will be sent right away.

Well the following day, an outsourced technical company came representing INNOVE.  It was very prompt. I basically just explained that my internet signal is usually affected when it rains.  All the installations and wires were okay so the man said he will check about the internet programming on my subscription ( whatever that means…I was just glad that someone was going to check up on it..)

I forgot about the whole thing until I saw this bill. This is my second bill from Innove since I changed ISP from SmartBro.

There it was, P58.14 rebate for an OUTAGE that they acknowledged. I remember when I was a subscriber of SMART, we experienced 5 days without any internet connection. I emailed them asking for the rebate since I complained that our payment has been made in full every month, despite their lack of assurance that they can give us 24/7 connection.  I thought they really did well when they gave me a P30 rebate to cover the 5-day outage!  Now look at Globe/Innove, it automatically gave me the rebate even if didn’t ask for it.

Just one of the many reasons why it is SMARTER to switch to GLOBE BROADBAND.

Let me detail here why their services are better:

1. Customer service hotline actually works.  You dial it from your handyphone whether it is a landline or not, it is toll-free.  With SMART, once you dial their landline, you are charged accordingly.  Since I was a Globe user, calling a PLDT number, I would minimally spend more than P100 just waiting for the customer service to get back to me and give me some reasonable answer than the usual “there is an ongoing work in your site…” .

2. The outsourced technical company is located where I live.  These companies have been outsourced by Globe to meet the immediate needs of their clients. With SMART, we would need to go to the Wireless Centers and really try our best to explain to their customer service client what the problem was.  Then they will give us the standard answer “paki hintay na lang po..papupuntahin namin, kasi may on-going work po sa site ninyo eh…” Ongoing work to an unknown site which has affected the internet service… whoaaa that qualifies as a pinhead response don’t you think?

And I remember one time when I lodged my complaint when I was a SMARTBRO subscriber and the answers I got were:

– that depends on the area ( when I said the internet signal was intermittent)

– SmartBro is really separate from PLDT ( when I said it took forever for their technicians to get to my place)…

Since I transferred to GLOBE BROADBAND by INNOVE COMMUNICATIONS, my internet connecton has been reliable. I am paying LESS for a MORE SUPERIOR quality of service with a much bigger bandwidth size compared to what had been promised by SMARTBRO ( up to 384kbps)… I did a speedtest on my connection and it has been consistent:


I know that in other countries, this speed would look very primitive. But this is what we have here and this is way better than what my previous ISP – SmartBro was able to give me.

Quality service, superior technical handling and excellent customer service.  These are still some of the non-negotiable core values that should never change.

Now I should let my friends who work at Globe read this blog.

They would be very happy to hear from a very pleased client.


One Response to “Excellent Customer Service of Innove Communications, Inc.”

  1. andoi Says:

    the only good thing about smart is that their Customer Care Officers are pretty pretty…

    but their internet service, well, you said it all.

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