Sgt Beans’ 2nd time to have swollen balls

December 27, 2008

It is almost totally healed but I have been meaning to write about this a couple of days ago.  I also noticed that the articles I wrote about this had seen a spike in hits – meaning that there are people researching the WP blogs for info they can get their hands on regarding the swollen testicles of their precious labrador pets.

Well, 2 weeks ago I noticed Beans’ testicles were red again.  Aaarrggghh I remembered what the vet said “next time it happens, let us cut them off…”

Well, I think my Beans will have to miss out on the mating experience and would just need to remain a virgin if I followed that advice right away.

I immediately gave him antibiotics ( the same one we humans consume) following the advice of the vet previously.  It helped a bit but the swelling was still going on… well any infection needs to run its course eventually but I started applying the antibacterial cream we had from the previous swollen-ness experience.

Beans would not like it at all.

Our neighbor has a guava tree – and here in the Philippines, young guava leaves are used to  help speed up the healing process of circumcision during the summer.  It is what was commonly used as antiseptic and its sap was said to expedite the healing process.    I got some young leaves and boil them for several minutes.  I added salt and let that simmer for awhile.

I would use that (when it is tolerably warm) to bathe his testicles. Make sure that it is not too hot – so maybe you would need to let it cool a bit after boiling.  I would splash his part of the body with that guava mixture and towel him dry.

Trust me… even Beans felt the comfort from that.  I would do that daily or even twice during the day.  After the treatment, he would go back to his house and sleep.

But I also took Beans back to the vet for his proper medical treatment. Once inside the clinic, Beans showed nervousness when he saw the doctor again by hiding his tail behind his legs.  He “remembered” who the doctor was.  That was the first time I saw him act like that.  He would usually be very expressive around other people by clamoring his attention.  But for the first time, he was nervous.

The doctor did not ask me to put the mouth cover on him anymore – but clearly he did not want to approach him either. “He will surely bite if I touch it because that is really painful…”

So I ordered Beans to climb on the chair and when he did, I picked him up and placed him on the vet’s table. Picked him up? You bet and boy, did I really feel those 30Kilos on my lower back!

He got injected twice ( antibiotics and vitamins) and told me to give him antibiotics tablets for 10 days (2x/daily) – I was already giving him cotrimoxazole and he said there is no need to have the antibiotic tablets changed.

I would smash the tablets and mix it in his food. Made sure that he finished his food everytime.

His balls are healed now.

And make sure that during the treatment process that he does not wet that area for a long time. So I stopped throwing balls for several days and just let him stay in his house and I would occasionally let him roam and bark at the stray cats outside the fence.

I asked 2 vets if that will always happen. The 1st one  basically said – “since their balls are exposed… they are most prone to infection caused by bacteria or mosquito bites…”  . The 2nd one (the one who treated the Beans) said that “that is why,  if he is not a stud, why don’t you have them removed?”

Well good thing I could not afford the procedure which would cost  Php 4,500.

Just one of those things that come with taking care of an adult male dog.


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