Rainy Medical Mission in Sorsogon

January 18, 2009

Tomorrow will be the first day of the medical mission here in Sorsogon.  60 medical doctors and nurses arrived from Texas and LA this morning in Legaspi city and took an hour drive to Sorsogon. 100_4811

Orly and I have been here since Saturday as part of the pre-medical mission staff meeting with Mrs. Escudero, the wife of the incumbent congressman and the mother of the current Senator Chiz.

5000 patients are expected to be served at this 3-day event. 165 surgeries have been planned and 5 municipalities of SORSOGON will benefit from this very noble endeavor of the Missions Medical Texas Team.

And as early as now, they have started talking about where they will conduct their medical mission in 2010.

It has been raining since we got here. And today it rained pretty consistently the whole day.

Lord, please grant us the most favorable weather so that the people will be able to come and benefit from the medical mission here in this place.

Thank you for taking care of our loved ones.

Thank you for sending the doctors.

Thank you Lord for the hope that we always have with you.

I am here in Sorsogon surrounded by the many concerns, and tomorrow, I will see on their faces the concerns of the people.  Use me as your conduit of mercy and grace. In our time of broken-ness, use us as your instruments of grace for their healing and comfort.

In your precious name, Jesus.



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