The war veterans are dying…

February 27, 2009

I settled into my nice and comfortable chair at a local coffee joint, and started to peruse the newspaper recently, when an article jolted me to some harsh realities that our veterans are going through.

One section featured several haunting pictures of the Filipino World War II veterans.  The pictures were taken last February 23rd right inside the Veterans Memorial Hospital.  Their names and birthdays were displayed as their pictures were taken (similar to a mug shot) as many of them were hooked up on tubes and hospital machines.

Many of them are in their 80’s – and are still waiting for any of the promised WWII war veteran benefits.  They stand to receive $9,0000 in cash if they are already based here – and those veterans who are already based in the US, according to the news article, stand to receive $15,000 each.

That is a big amount when converted to Philippine pesos.  Money that these war veterans need right now to cover their medical and hospital expenses.

I pray that these benefits will be given to them soon.

Many of them could hardly attend to participate in ceremonies honoring their fallen comrades because of old age and health conditions.

I pray that our government would help expedite the whole process so that the benefits will still reach the withered hands of those who fought for our freedom more than 60 years ago.


2 Responses to “The war veterans are dying…”

  1. eugeniosadrao Says:

    Hi Rex,

    Your compassionate heart goes to every one in need of help. You are lover of history by interest. And war veterans of WWII made a significant contribution for US to become world leader today. Those withered hands should at least get those money if not for hospital expenses at least a taste of more comfortable life for their remaining short time on earth Hope everyone of these veterans know Jesus for them to find rest in eternity.

  2. oftherock Says:

    Thanks for the visit Eugenio! You are an encourager. I remember during the late 90s, I conducted the funeral of one of these war veterans. I was able to visit him in his house (at that time, he had already come home from the US). It was very sobering to hear how the generations seemed to have willingly forgotten the lives they had sacrificed on the battlefield, so that the freedom we often take for granted now, would be ours for a long, long time.

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