Circuit City Closes its doors for good…

March 9, 2009

What a depressing news!  After 60 years, Circuit City has closed all of its stores in the United States. The rest of the inventory was sold for less than 1.5Billion USD. 34,000 people were being laid off across the United States.  Their business interventions initiated since November 2008 have all failed.  Now all the stores are going to be permanently closed.

One wonders how long and how deep this economic slide is going to be?

One news item in Canton, Ohio showed about 800 job applicants for a school custodian.  It pays $15 – 16/hour.  One could only imagine how deep and how bad the economy is doing in their town when 800 people and more are applying for the same job.  People from all different educational backgrounds have applied for this position.

God, the whole world is hurting right now.  So many thousands of people have lost their means of income.  People are going to be hungry – and many people have lost their homes, investments, savings…. Lord, people are losing their all.

Please be merciful.  Please surround us with your mercy and grace.

As people get to be fearful because of these economic losses, may we all find our strength, comfort, provision and protection in the loving arms of Christ Jesus!


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