A long retired surgeon had to go back to work…

March 14, 2009

He is already 78 years old.

Saved his money, lived off from the interests made from his early investments.

But now he needed to go back to work.

A retired eye-surgeon, one of the thousands who were ripped off by Bernie Madoff.

Well Bernie Madoff becomes prisoner 6127-054 and is now detained in jail.

This eye-surgeon had to go back to work to take care of his bills and living expenses while Bernie Madoff’s food and “accommodation” are still paid for the State.

What was heartbreaking about this was the eye-surgeon who worked so hard for so many years, had to find a job at his age.

He works as a security guard.

At age 78.

Lord Jesus, there are so many of them who are grieving right now because of what this man had done to them.  He abused his power, his knowledge, his connections to rip off thousands of people and steal their hard-earned money through the years.  Lord God, be merciful to those who are already advanced in age and yet, due to adverse circumstances, had to find work again at the time when they should have been enjoying their retirement years. Be merciful to them Lord. Grant them favors in the eyes of their younger superiors and colleagues.  Bless the work of their hands and please do not let them become so discouraged that the significance of their life work is reduced to an irreversible minimum.

Have mercy upon them all Lord.

In Jesus name,



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