(Header picture by Jan Moqren)

I am just like you. Trying to find my way. Trying to help others find theirs.

Married to the most beautiful wife in the world. This year will be our 10th Wedding anniversary and we plan to have our renewal ceremony. Married my best friend.

Degree in Broadcast Communication. Another degree in Management Information Systems and still halfway though the Masteral program in Christian Counseling. Youth pastor. Friend. Mentor. Brother. Uncle. Area Superintendent. Camp Director. writer. pet owner. Labrador enthusiast. Mountaineering enthusiast. “Father to many” yet Dad to one. Son. Husband. Most importantly, loved by the Father through Jesus Christ the Son.

If God would allow me:

1. I would like to climb Mt Everest.

2. I would like to become a lawyer. There are so many people whose basic rights are being trampled upon.

3. I would like to become a medical doctor and travel the rural areas and give medical treatments for free.

4. Become a licensed commercial pilot.

5. Become a certified flight instructor.

6. Sing ‘The Power of Love” in Notre Dame cathedral.

7. Write a book.

8. Become excellent in photography.

9. Travel to the historical sites all over the world.

10. Build a youth camp

11. Have 10 labradors running around meeting the campers in that youth camp.

12. Teach in a seminary.

13. Take a youth group to a cross-cultural trip in China and other parts of Asia.

14. Have dinner with Billy Graham

15. Have a lengthy conversation with Pope Benedict.

16. Establish a training school for out of school youths.

17. Establish a counseling center.

18. Host a christian program.

19. Have a doctorate in Counseling.

20. Hold my wife’s hand for eternity.

20 things already? And I have just started!

Thank you Lord for an amazing life. What a wonderful journey. We are halfway through.

Thanks for this amazing journey!

Your son,



2 Responses to “About”

  1. purplethoughts Says:

    May God give you the desires of your heart, lovey.

  2. oftherock Says:

    I love you Lovey. All these things are extras because the Lord has given me, you.

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