Every now and then I would send a “hello how are you doing these days?” offline/online message to my college best friend.  From time to time, he would also drop me a line or two.

Well recently, he immediately answered my IM and asked me to pray for his job interview on the 23rd.

“You are applying for a new job?”

“Yes, I am going to be interviewed for the position of CIO!”

Whoaaaa…. CIO ( Chief Information Officer!)

I still shake my head in amazement. Not because he cannot do the job, but how simply amazing God is and how He lovingly and quietly works in our lives.

Ron was my roommate during my freshman year.  We were exact opposites.  I was working on my second degree and really determined to do well, while he was, fresh from highschool and still figuring out what to do and how to impress the girls.

I got to know his family when he invited me over for Winter Break during our sophomore year.  I can still remember the long drive and how my stomach, mysteriously hurt like hell when we arrived in Harrisburg on our way to Buffalo.

I remember one evening after dinner, he started putting on his thick jacket and I asked “are you going out to get a movie at Blockbuster?”  “Nah, I just want to go out for a walk…maybe you should come walk with me…”

His mom then sprung into her motherly ways and started handing out 4 jackets to me to make sure i will survive the walk. “You are from the Philippines and this weather might be too extreme for you – so go ahead, wear this, wear this and this…”

We walked out and I was looking like the Michelin man with all the thick jackets.  But Ron was still quiet and I knew something was up.

” I might not be able to go back next year…”

“Go back where?”

“To college…” he answered as we were walking down this deserted road somewhere.

“My grades are terrible… and I am on probation list…”

That was the first time it hit me – that if he did not do well in school the next coming weeks, I might lose my bestfriend and that really was something I was not prepared to experience.

When we got back to school, I religously followed him up on his exams, assignments and papers. It was a small college and we had similar classes so it was relatively easy to do that. I did not want to lose my bestfriend sitting down – so we studied together and helped memorized 200 scriptures for the Fundamentals of Theology class.

I remember one night when we were struck by the realization that the answers to our questions would have to rely on FAITH.  All our what if questions about God led us to that place where only FAITH can fill up.  And for the first time (last time as well) we prayed together and placed our dependence on God.

Fast forward 3 years after Graduation and I attended Promise Keepers in Dallas with him. He just clearly obliged me since he was my host.

2002 – he paid for my ticket and I flew on my birthday to join him in Hongkong where he was stationed for 1 week. He was already working for this company that has started sending him all over the world.

We were supposed to meet in Manila early this year – but I cautioned him with his financial spending since his wife will be giving birth.  He agreed and just worked in SIngapore until his project was done.

And now, he is going to be interviewed for the position of CIO!

The same guy who almost flunked out of college is about to be the CIO of this multinational company with branches in every continent.

The same guy who in college, could not even decently use a personal computer, is now taking care of different structures, platforms, network architectures and so many more.

Many years later, I find it a blessing that two things have remained:

1. Our friendship

2. Our need for prayers from each other.

On October 23rd midnight, i will be praying again for him because that is his interview time in New York.

My boothmate in Booth 1010 during my freshman year, is about to become a Chief Information Officer!

Thank you God for what you have done in my friend’s life.  Thank you for blessing him. Thank you for the love you have given him through his parents, siblings and now his wife and children. Bless him Lord. As you use him in the corporate world, I pray that you will also gently whisper to him, that you would like him to serve you in the Church as well…

Please grant him this huge favor of becoming a CIO.  He knows that he cannot do this on his own.

Allow him to become a CIO for your divine use and purpose.

I surrender him and his dreams in your precious hands.

In Jesus Name,



God sent 4 brothers to encourage me lately.

The other one sent sms encouraging me about what I shared with him.

The other one did not know that I needed encouragement and sent me a gift which came in due season. Ended his email with prayers for me.

The 3rd one just chatted with me and encouraged me greatly while he is also going through some of his own challenges.

The 4th one said he is praying for me constantly.

4 different brothers from 3 different countries.

Thank you for your encouragement. God could have used people within my area, but God chose you. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God to encourage me in my journey even when I am halfway across the globe.

Thank you for being more than good friends to me. Thank you for being my brothers.

How great is our God

Sing with me, how great is Our God

All the world will see

How great Is Our God!

We just sang that before the Christian Living Class 1 here in the Summer Enrichment Program in Silang, Cavite. 108 campers and 42 staff are here right now. Little did I know that as soon as I check my email, there is something waiting for me.

I mentioned in the previous blog about this very simple email I sent to this very high ranking official in the country. Well I got an answer from the public information officer of this branch of the government – with the attached pdf response from this very distinguished gentleman.


I was very humbled when he said yes. I felt so small and so privileged for his very generous response. He is willing to attend the Conference and address this gathering of Christian men.

I could not even begin to describe my excitement. Thank you Lord for this favor. Thank you for giving us this grace. For allowing us to experience the testimony of this well-respected brother.

Thank You Lord. Because You hear our prayers. More than this, you visit us. You know us intimately. You came from heaven to become one of us. You visited us. Lord, you are just a prayer away. You listen when we call. You listen even when our words fail us and could only utter our groans. Thank You Lord… thank you for your favor. Thank you for surpassing our expectations and showering us with your grace! And You are the majestic God, may we always be in AWE of your presence. May we anticipate with so much expectation and excitement your indwelling presence in our lives!