Image cover THE SHACK

Image cover THE SHACK

A couple of days ago, a friend posted on his multiply site that he received a copy of that Christian novel The Shack.

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Lingering Questions

March 28, 2008

1. Did God create bad emotions?

God created emotions. The definition of good and bad emotions can also be flawed depending on our perspective. Love is a good emotion. But being in an adulterous relationship makes “love” turn into a negative perspective.

Hate for example is perceived as a negative emotion. But the Bible clearly tells us that we need to love the sinner and HATE the sin.

Anger is perceived as a bad emotion. But even the Bible just gives us the principle of not letting the sun go down on our wrath. Even Jesus Christ flared up and overthrew the tables in front of the temple. Anger is an emotion that is also needed for something to change or to take place especially in the light of darkness around us. When you see someone being abused, it may cause you to become really angry and do something about it. In this case, anger was used in a positive way.

I believe God created all emotions. But like anything else, our emotions can take control of our lives. Our emotions can even become mini-gods that we worship unknowingly. When we are ruled by our emotions, it is one of the ways by which our carnality is not yet fully surrendered to the Lord. We are given emotions so that we may express ourselves, feel more the vibrancy of our lives and our relationships – but being controlled by them, I believe is not one of the reasons we have them.

2. Why did Christ become human?

In the salvation story focused on the transactional aspect of it – I have heard many times that Christ came so that he may fully understand us. This is something I do not believe in anymore. The Lord who stretched the curtains of the universe did not need to become like me, frail and weak, so that his learning curve would go up.

He created me. Every nuances, every detail, every vein, nerve and synapses are all within his sight.

He does not need to become like me to understand my life.

He became one of us – so that we may believe, be drawn, live in and be in a relationship with the Trinity.

He came to be one of us, that I may believe that the Father loves me no matter what.

An article by Kruger Baxter entitled “Good Friday: Hebrews 1: 1 – 3” would be very helpful.

What needs to change is the theological framework. To move from transactional to the theology of adoption.

Will blog more about this in the coming days.