After church last Sunday, I met a former US serviceman who had served for many decades. He has been to many places all over the world. He described how Subic Bay Naval Base was in the Philippines in the 60s. He said “Manila was at that time, a real pearl of the Orient”…

He told me about his travels all over the world. He was even part of the first Gulf war… and in Kuwait, met his Filipina wife.
They are settled there now in Dumaguete. Living a peaceful life with their 15mos old son. What a handsome boy. We talked about his life in DFW (about 2 hours where I went for college…) and his life here now in Dumaguete. His son, being carried by his nanny, interrupted our conversation.

I asked him “How old is your handsome boy?”

“15-months” – he said…. and followed his answer with this “I am just praying that the good Lord would let me see him study and enter school…”

I turned to him and asked “how old are you?”

“67…… I would do my best to keep myself physically fit, but the rest is up to the Lord…”

(picture of the 15-mos old son of the older man I met last sunday)

We parted ways and he took his family to the car and drove off. I was leaving for Manila so i could not take him up on his invitation to visit them in their house just outside the city.

I could not shake the image away. An older man simply praying that God would give him more years so he could see his son go through his first day of school….

And amazing how we all just need God to show us His mercy. For others it is the healing of a relationship. Maybe a job for others. Prayers of protection for a loved one working overseas. Prayer for God’s provision for a family to be well-fed….

There is no one who would be able to say that they do not need His enabling grace….

“Lord I pray for this older brother. I pray that you would extend his physical health so that he would see his son grow up. Strengthen his body and give him your hope. He is in the twillight of his years yet you had given him a boy who would rely on his strength. Would you strengthen, encourage and provide for my brother? Would you make him the father to that handsome boy, that you had designed him to be…. Let him hold on to you for the fulfillment of his dreams. I lift him up to you in the precious name of Jesus our Lord.



Spiritual Hunger

March 28, 2008

“the deepest desire of our hearts is for union with God. From the first moment of our existence our most powerful yearning is to fulfill the original purpose of our lives – to see Him more clearly, love Him more dearly, follow Him more nearly. We are made for God, and nothing less will really satisfy us.” – Brennan Manning

Lord God, fulfill your purpose in my life.