It is 9PM. The necrological rites for Francis Magalona may have already started at Christ The King Church in GreenMeadows.

The recent death of Francis M when he succumbed to leukemia was really felt by the show business industry – and more importantly, by at least 2 generations.

Francis M, 44 year old Pinoy rapper and host, actor and endorser not only touched the people in the late 30s generation, but even the mid-20s and the late teens of today.

Francis M – was a voice of my generation.  In the late 90’s when rapping found its way here  – he was the one who embraced that medium and turned it into a patriotic expression for the young.  His rap compositions were clean, upbeat and very distinctly oozing with pride as a Filipino.  I remember the Royal Commercials he made and the powerful messages of being a filipino that he sent across.

Francis M – made it cool to be a Filipino.  His work paved the way for the new birth of new Filipino styles of singing, composition and other musical expressions.

His piece ‘Mga Kababayan” – sent powerful messages of values and patriotism as he rapped about what we can do as Filipino people.

Here is the link to his Francis Magalona’s multiply account:

January 2009

January 2009

I look forward to the pain as I know my journey is on full speed ahead. I will not be bold to say that without asking a favor from you all. PLEASE PRAY for me as I undergo treatment. Your prayers, as always, have sustained me. And am sure the Lord will listen to all our prayers. To His will I submit myself.”
Tonight at 12 midnight, his body will be cremated.  His cremains will be buried tomorrow at the Loyola Memorial Gardens next to his parents.

Goodbye Francis. You had given this generation a voice – and for that, we will always be grateful.

You will be sorely missed.