Families are “OFF-LIMITS”

September 3, 2008

Since Gov.  Sarah Palin was introduced, the media hype caused by her nomination will not stop until all these events have concluded after the November 4th election.

It is amazing how a young woman and a mother of five could really agree to be put on such an unrelentless spotlight.  Her whole world has now been opened for the whole curious and biting world to see.

I would like to note here that while the Republicans would ferociously defend Sarah Palin’s executive experience, no one from the Republican party could state what the OBAMA campaign issued about what is going on with the media circus on Palin’s life.

“Families are OFF-LIMITS.”  The tone from the Obama campaign when this was issued sounded noble, compassionate – and yes, let me add… very PRESIDENTIABLE.  I was hoping the Republican Party would powerfully issue a statement like this.  But they lost the chance.

Sarah Palin while a governor and a well-liked political figure in Alaska, is still a wife and a mother of a 17-year old pregnant daughter.

Families are off-limits.  How I wished this came from John McCain.

And like millions of americans, I am looking forward to hearing her speech tomorrow, or tonight (wherever you may be in the planet)…. we need to hear from this woman whose meteoric rise to the VP pick seemed almost like a fairy tale, a HEROES-like episode of an active woman who suddenly discovered her powers to make it to the White House….

Gov. Sarah Palin looks like a good and credible leader for Alaska. But she still needs to the general voting population that she can actually do the VP job.

A lot of things have been said about EXECUTIVE experiences regarding these candidates, and that Sarah Palin has more executive experiences than Obama and Biden combined.

Well the Republicans could argue all of these things until the cows come home – but they really delivered a brilliant stroke when Senator Fred Thompson got up and gave the convention the RED MEAT they have been waiting to hear.

He said something about experiences – but he highlighted the great idea that what the US needs is a PRESIDENT with a character stemming from a good heart.

I could not agree more.

In leadership circles today, a lot of things have been said about experiences, training, personalities, networking, cross-cultural or foreign policy experiences.  But what needs to be addressed as well is the fact that no country, no organization, no entity could go any significant distance without the bedrock foundation of the person’s character.

Who the person is and what is inside his /her heart seem to be a critically ignored question as we focus on the Presidential elections.

Leadership is crucial.  Executive experience is crucial.  Knowledge on Foreign policy is important and a clear grasp of what the people need and how to sustain the economic growth will really matter.

But in the end, what is in the heart will still determine the small and almost invisible steps that these leaders would make as they dispense their executive powers.

We serve, we minister out of our BEING.  Focus on the BEING part first.  Focus on the nature of one’s personhood first.  Without that, the DOING part could become hollow, superficial and worse, dangerous to oneself, family, community and yes, to the whole nation.


I was one of those who watched till the wee hours in the morning (here in the Philippines) when John McCain presented his VP pick on his 72th birthday.

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska stepped out into the podium looking really radiant along with her husband and beautiful daughters.  How the one year old baby was still asleep despite all the noise and cheering in that Republican venue was a great wonder to me.

I was one of those asking “what in the world????!”  and got really interested in how these presidential candidates choose their VP pick.  I could only imagine all the underground work that went into the selection.

So far, I already like Palin despite the light resume. I liked what I heard about what she did in Alaska.  The highest ranking or most liked governor in the United States right now.  And with five kids, wow, that is almost superhuman.

But despite how the Republicans would hardsell Palin and even go as far as saying that “Palin has more executive experience than Obama-Biden combined…”  And somehow, it seems that the Republican virtually handed the electoral college and all those battleground states with the events that just unfolded.  Contrast that to the pomp, electifying visual images, sounds and grandeur of the recent DNC.  The Republicans I feel, made it easier for the Democrats to win this election.

Palin was obviously a good “maverick” and a go getter.  She sounded like a person who gets things done.  Her speech did not sound like any traditional politicians.  Just basically a person who communicated that she is ready to be part of this team ready to get things done.

I like her. But I must admit, I am not too sure about the McCain-Palin ticket right now.  I was hoping it would be Huckabee, Romney and then Arnold! ( hey why not! )

Too bad the RNC may have to be rescheduled because Gustav is coming.

But like everyone, I am looking forward to the debates.  Funny, there will be 3 presidential debates and 1 VP debate. I will be more interested in the gladiatorial showdown between Biden and Palin.

But for now, I am a RE-MOCRAT.

What an astounding convention!  Complete with all the scripts for the drama and other elements that would make the final night of the DNC 08 very memorable.  Seeing the whole Invesco Field filled to the rafters made the whole thing looked like it could eclipse the opening of the Olympic Games!

I missed the speech of Al Gore, the same way I missed the speech of Bill Clinton the night before.  Truly the whole evening belonged to Senator Obama.

It was very American. It was very gracious for John McCain to congratulate Obama on this historic night. It was not just a night for the Democrats, it was the night for the whole America.  That after 45 years, the speech of Martin Luther King is about to see its fruition in the most powerful seat in the whole world.

I was again riveted to CNN – amazed at how the people were soaking all his words in.  The camera would zoom in on many faces with their eyes getting teary-eyed as H O P E and C H A N G E are being spelled right in front of their eyes.

Like thousands of Americans, I did not know Barrack Obama.  His meteoric rise to the Senate is something not regularly seen – and most commonly interpreted as greed for position and greed for power.  But tonight, hearing his background the most compelling of which ” seeing my mother fight with the health insurance agent as in her bed as she fights cancer….” that was starkling imagery that would unalterably shape the compassion of any man toward the have-nots.  His statement about fathers being needed to provide stability and to provide for the children was really powerful.

The speech was not as polished as Hillary’s was.  But what it lacked in perfect prose and lyrical stance, it more than made up by communicating the bone of what America needs to hear. HOPE.

More than 12,000 miles away, my wife and I listened intently as the history is being written right there in Denver.  A powerful message of HOPE could reverberate throughout the world and througout the generations.  Yes, it looked and felt like the acceptance speech of JFK – esp in terms of the drama and other elements, but it was similar in terms of defining a hope for this generation, and eventually a hope for the nation.  And we as non-americans could only hope that it would spread throughout foreign shores.

Obama was starting to fill the huge shoes for the presidency.  He looked like one. He sounded like one. He acted like one.  It is the President’s role to lift up the countenance of the nation.  And Obama did just that.

A son of an interracial family. Raised by a single Mom (America is being raised by single Moms for the past many years now…) who struggled to complete her degree and prevailed against all odds – Obama is a picture perfect promise of what America used to be, and in his campaign, is trying to recover for the nation.  The american promise, that with hard work and partnership, it can be done.

It is going to be an interesting showdown.  Both candidates appear to represent what the best of America is all about.  The proud, patriotic, courageous fly-boy who has been serving his country, who now wants to serve as its commander-in-chief. The promising young man from Harvard who chose the path of public service.

What an amazing crossroad for America.

I am not an American – but I sincerely say “God Bless America!”